Custom Special Family Tree Photo Pillow

Custom Special Family Tree Photo Pillow


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Remind your dad how close-knit his family is. Print your dad’s family tree and help him relieve his good old memories. Not just a pillow that will be an excellent addition to your living room but also a pillow that will remain close to his heart forever.

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    Gift your dad a huggable family tree pillow and show that you care about him. Nothing is as close as one’s family. This comfortable customisable pillow will beautifully print all the submitted photos and will fit the family tree frame perfectly. The fabric is gentle to one’s skin and will last for a long time, just like memories. You can customise it with your choice of photos and we will place it in an orderly fashion to bring absolute joy for your father on his special day.

    Please note that all our pillows are 100% customizable and we would love to execute your designs and messages into the products!

    The best things in life are the simplest ! So is ordering with us ! 

    1. Choose your pillow/cushion, and upload your picture.
    2. Select the sizes and the colours
    3. Receive a final mock-up from our team shortly, and give us a thumbs up after reviewing it.
    4. Receive your product in your mail on the delivery date!

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    3 reviews for Custom Special Family Tree Photo Pillow

    1. Jane Dust

      I saw this and instantly realized this is what I need in the family right now. Loved the family tree design and now the pillow is the centre of attraction in our home because it has pictures of everyone in the family. The overall quality is marvellous and quite premium. It feels soft to touch and gives ample support to the back as well. Really enjoying using it!

    2. Roy Williams

      Thank you for giving a great gift idea that will make everyone in the family happy. It’s a beautiful design with crisp and well-detailed finishing. The prints came out perfect and the pillow looks incredible even from a distance. Pretty sure everyone who orders it will love it

    3. Kimberly Cole

      Speedy service and beautiful design! I fell in love with the customization and quality of the print, the pictures came out very vibrant and perfect. The size of the pillow sits on a couch and bed. I also asked them to print a picture of our pet in the family tree and it came out so amazing. My dog also loves playing with it. Thanks for such a great service.

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