Personalised Soft Pillow, Superhero Dad

Personalised Soft Pillow, Superhero Dad


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Your dad needs to be pampered and wrapped in love. Just like a customised pillow, our dad is the cushion we fall to whenever we need love. A custom pillow will show exactly how comfortable they make us feel.

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    On this special day, present your dad with a comfortable custom pillow. Let the soft pillow deliver the message of your dad’s importance in your life. Customise the high-quality pillow with the photo memory that you choose. We add the elegant and loving frame along with a sweet personal message that your dad deserves. The pillow is manufactured from plush and skin-friendly material. Your dad will only feel loved and important when you hand over this pillow. 100% customisable, let your dad sink into happy memories.

    Please note that all our pillows are 100% customizable and we would love to execute your designs and messages into the products!

    The best things in life are the simplest ! So is ordering with us ! 

    1. Choose your pillow/cushion, and upload your picture.
    2. Select the sizes and the colours
    3. Receive a final mock-up from our team shortly, and give us a thumbs up after reviewing it.
    4. Receive your product in your mail on the delivery date!

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    3 reviews for Personalised Soft Pillow, Superhero Dad

    1. Tracy Nielsen

      Ordered this as a Father’s day gift and upon receiving it I totally loved it. The look and feel of the pillow is high-end, supremely comfortable, and very plush to touch. Although it’s customized, but the quality of the print is extraordinary and I am certain it will stay perfect for a long time.

    2. Amanda Cruise

      Thanks for uplifting my father’s mood. Was looking for a personalized gift for father’s day when I came across this beautiful option from the Customizable. My father is totally obsessed with his new pillow and it sits perfectly in his favourite spot on the couch. The size of the pillow is perfect for daily use and the overall quality is commendable.

    3. Heather Scruggs

      It’s a beautifully designed pillow and the customization is of high quality as well. They have printed the design I have provided with great care and the colours look very bright and beautiful. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a personalized gift option for their father. Also, the pillow delivers great support and my father has been using this on a daily basis ever since he received it.

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